Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What a month!

My other 2 girls have been here for about a month now (they leave Friday).  Always takes a little while for everyone to "mesh" but it feels like we're back to normal again.  This will make it even harder when they go back to their Dad's.  

My calf / knee issue seems to be healed.  Last 2 weeks at volleyball I've been blocking/hitting again.  My blocking has actually improved (how the hell did that happen?!).  Got into a verbal altercation with a woman from another team tonight.  I may have ended the conversation with, "just shut the fuck up".  *wiggles eyebrows*.  If there's one thing I am, it's direct!  Sports have taught me a lot, can you tell?!  It's the one area that I don't put up with shit.. 

I quit soda last Friday.  First couple of days I dealt with headaches and that crash and burn feeling in the afternoon, but I'm starting to bounce back.  I feel like I have constant energy throughout the day.  I mean, it's 10:52 pm and I'm still awake!  Normally I'm ready to be in bed by 8 pm.  

Our a/c at the office stopped working this past weekend.  This morning my co-workers and I said fuck it and took our work home.  

My other teenager got her permit a couple of weeks ago.  I never thought I would be so terrified... the imaginary brake on the passenger side does not lessen the stress!  Cheer practice started again so we're back to our busy schedule. 

Short and sweet I know, but just wanted to update.