Thursday, February 21, 2013

44 and moving forward

My birthday this last weekend was the best yet.  Got 2 new ear piercings (last night one got caught on the volleyball net and started bleeding but all seems to be okay today - why was I in the net?  shanked pass, trying to come in sideways and tip it over the net).  Got a new sewing machine, a new cell phone, got a massage (beaten and slightly molested - maybe that's normal for a deep tissue hot stone chinese massage?!) and saw a play.  FANTASTIC day!  

Progressing on my dental work.

Weight still the same, 149 to 150.  Just wishing spring would hurry up so we can be outside.

Job is sorta up in the air.  Our company is going through some major changes.  Boss may not stay with this company and we might end up being an independent broker.  Not sure if I will still be here for that, but I'm not stressing - YET.  

Mom is doing great. Still at assisted living.  Doesn't want to go home.  We write and talk constantly.  

Boyfriend hurt his back.  Been to the chiropracter twice.  He's out for this week.  Never seen him in so much pain. 
Miss my kids.   

Trying to stay in the moment.