Friday, April 26, 2013

we're moving tomorrow

After being in 4 bedroom house for the last 5 years we're moving into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhome - 10 minutes from where we are now.  No more living in a drafty 1960's home.  This is a 2005 townhome we'll be renting in a better part of the hood.  We will be getting rid of at least 80% of our stuff.  No more kids at home so need for crappy used furniture!  We've already been to Ikea and got the b/f a new desk and some funky comic strip artwork for his office.  Landlord said no problem for the b/f to repaint so we'll be doing some cool colors... 

There is a pool and gym (2 treadmills, weight machine and some other stuff - I think I'll go check it out tonight, I had only peaked through the window) right across the parking lot at our new place.  My co-worker is running a half marathon next month and I told her I wanted to start walking/jogging/running (and lifting weights of course) so she wants me to join her next summer in a half marathon.  First goal is a 5K this summer.  I'm not a runner so I'm a little nervous about it.  We'll see how this goes.  Regardless it will help my volleyball and tennis endurance. 

Volleyball was supposed to start this week however we've had snow.  LOTS OF SNOW.  Snow be damned!  We'll be in the 70's this weekend. 

Going out to CA next month for 4 days to see mom... she's still in assisted living but I think she likes it.  I don't think she'll be going home.  At least this trip will not be a medical emergency so I can actually enjoy it.  Maybe even see a few friends... 

I suppose this is the next phase of my life!