Tuesday, March 29, 2011

still waiting for that check

so I can go car shopping... which I dread, but hopefully all will be finalized by this weekend. End of last year I was raising money for the youngest to go on a People to People trip. I had raised about half of it but then she moved to her father's in WA. Well I cancelled the trip. People to People requires that you make payments at certain dates and if you don't the trip can be cancelled anyway. The later you wait to cancel the more money they keep. I couldn't afford to pay for it anyway on one income. Regardless, she's not here to help fund raise. All the $ is being returned to the people that donated. She can go on this trip at ANY time (she's already pre-qualified) and her father can raise the money. I'm sure I'll be labeled as the bad mom - meh, I'm ready for it. 4 more weeks until volleyball. FOUR.

Monday, March 21, 2011


So it's definitely totaled - did I already mention that? I never read old posts. Got more than blue book so I'm happy with that. I'm doing better this week - not so over-emotional thank God.

Saturday I worked in the morning. That afternoon the b/f and I tried to play some tennis (and then hopefully fish) but it was so damn windy we had to stop. Yesterday was nicer but after the teenager and I got hair cuts and went grocery shopping we just stayed home. The 3000 piece puzzle I bought LAST summer is FINALLY done. The b/f and I worked hours on it (normally it's just me working on it) and he finished it today. Looks pretty cool - I'll have to post a pic. This weekend we'll have to shop for a new one...

I do not look forward to car shopping. I'm going to leave that up to the b/f and his brother and then I'll just narrow it down from what they find. I really only want to spend half of the settlement on a used vehicle and put the rest into savings where I currently have a ZERO balance.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

no news yet

talked to the mechanic who talked to the adjuster yesterday. per the mechanic's initial VIEW of it the car could go either way, repairable or totaled. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE fix it I begged... I'll show you my bruised boob if that will help! Anyway, hopefully I'll hear something today.

Sunday I caught my first trout of the season - pretty, thick and pink pretty spots. If only it was trouser trout, oh well - it counts! except spots on a trouser trout may be the herp... boyfriend caught 2 - he always kicks my ass at fishing. The first fish, "Fred", bled ALL over him as soon as he pulled him out of the water - it was horrible - that poor trout swallowed that hook. B/F looked like he murdered someone. Fred sank, then twisted around and around, then sank again - I think he survived though. That is the worst feeling, not knowing if a fish will survive. We're only doing catch and release now. Last year we had too many fish in the freezer that we never even ate. It was a waste.

back to the grind...

Monday, March 14, 2011

car accident

Saturday afternoon - teenager is okay, I'm bruised up from the seat belt. I literally paid off the vehicle the day before so please keep your fingers crossed the car is repairable... it's been a shitty weekend. My shoulder and chest are still sore and the side of my boob has a huge bruise. :(

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

shopping around for a gym

I haven't been in a gym for about 10 years. I hate working out, I love sports. So if I'm gonna work out I need to compete with someone... which would be the soon to be 15 year old (next week!) teenage daughter. Granted, she'll kick my ass every time but I'm fine with that. There was an ad for $12 sign up $12 per month - we're gonna go check it out. I figure I'm already working extra hours for this other agent I can take some of that money and invest in MYSELF. Besides I'm sick of having no upper body strength when playing tennis and volleyball. I want those ripped arms and I need STAMINA so when I play all day vball tournaments I don't feel like collapsing (literally)...

A lot to do this weekend. Work Saturday morning, highlights in the afternoon, sports physical for teenager (cheerleader tryouts are this month - keep your fingers crossed), clean out the garage... have to take advantage of the 50 degree weather we'll have. I just wanna be OUTSIDE. Maybe we'll throw in some tennis too which my b/f will kick my ass out but that's okay 'cause it allows me to wear my cute white tennis skirt! Sometimes my priorities are really screwed up... lol

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am beat

Boss left - I am staring at the screen...

Too much to do, too much commuting, too much stress. Please let it end soon!

Spring is so around the corner - it's torture waiting for it.