Tuesday, March 29, 2011

still waiting for that check

so I can go car shopping... which I dread, but hopefully all will be finalized by this weekend. End of last year I was raising money for the youngest to go on a People to People trip. I had raised about half of it but then she moved to her father's in WA. Well I cancelled the trip. People to People requires that you make payments at certain dates and if you don't the trip can be cancelled anyway. The later you wait to cancel the more money they keep. I couldn't afford to pay for it anyway on one income. Regardless, she's not here to help fund raise. All the $ is being returned to the people that donated. She can go on this trip at ANY time (she's already pre-qualified) and her father can raise the money. I'm sure I'll be labeled as the bad mom - meh, I'm ready for it. 4 more weeks until volleyball. FOUR.

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  1. I just read back to when I visited last. WOW, I'm terrible it was February. That's a bad friend. I am sorry. Your ornaments are so cool, I wish you the best of luck at the western shop. We use a brief case for presentation of our jewerly. Just keep it neat and clean looking and it's so easy for show and tell. I hope you find the car that you like. It's a good thing you have help finding what you'd like. I am sorry that you got hurt but glad not worse. I'm glad the settlement came so fast. Last year for our accident it took 4 months to get our settlement. It's good that you cancelled the trip and can let her father take care of it. Did you join a gym? I enjoy my memebership and do enjoy going. Having to pay makes it a good reason to get my butt there. I also like the fee you were talking about $12.00 a month, here in the sticks I pay $40.00 but my insurance gives me back $20.00 so not terrible. Sorta (I got rid of the house phone to pay for the membership).
    Take care Cindy. I promise not to be so long to visit again. Oh and by the way, thanks for the offer. That was really sweet especially since it seems we are in the same broke boat. :o)
    God bless you my friend.