Wednesday, March 9, 2011

shopping around for a gym

I haven't been in a gym for about 10 years. I hate working out, I love sports. So if I'm gonna work out I need to compete with someone... which would be the soon to be 15 year old (next week!) teenage daughter. Granted, she'll kick my ass every time but I'm fine with that. There was an ad for $12 sign up $12 per month - we're gonna go check it out. I figure I'm already working extra hours for this other agent I can take some of that money and invest in MYSELF. Besides I'm sick of having no upper body strength when playing tennis and volleyball. I want those ripped arms and I need STAMINA so when I play all day vball tournaments I don't feel like collapsing (literally)...

A lot to do this weekend. Work Saturday morning, highlights in the afternoon, sports physical for teenager (cheerleader tryouts are this month - keep your fingers crossed), clean out the garage... have to take advantage of the 50 degree weather we'll have. I just wanna be OUTSIDE. Maybe we'll throw in some tennis too which my b/f will kick my ass out but that's okay 'cause it allows me to wear my cute white tennis skirt! Sometimes my priorities are really screwed up... lol


  1. I hate gyms too! I'm about to get on the treadmill though. Yuck!

  2. Many people don't like gym. If you hate gym you can do something else for example walking,...

  3. Yeah, I need the gym to build muscle and not be such a wuss now... b/f said he'd go with me to check it out so maybe I can drag him along in the future once I join.