Wednesday, March 16, 2011

no news yet

talked to the mechanic who talked to the adjuster yesterday. per the mechanic's initial VIEW of it the car could go either way, repairable or totaled. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE fix it I begged... I'll show you my bruised boob if that will help! Anyway, hopefully I'll hear something today.

Sunday I caught my first trout of the season - pretty, thick and pink pretty spots. If only it was trouser trout, oh well - it counts! except spots on a trouser trout may be the herp... boyfriend caught 2 - he always kicks my ass at fishing. The first fish, "Fred", bled ALL over him as soon as he pulled him out of the water - it was horrible - that poor trout swallowed that hook. B/F looked like he murdered someone. Fred sank, then twisted around and around, then sank again - I think he survived though. That is the worst feeling, not knowing if a fish will survive. We're only doing catch and release now. Last year we had too many fish in the freezer that we never even ate. It was a waste.

back to the grind...


  1. So confused... How did you catch the herpes. From a fish, or from the b/f, or what ?
    Is it treatable ?

  2. you know how it is, once you get the herp you got it for life!