Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's been a while!

Job is going well - the job description keeps changing but I'm okay with that.  B/F worked through winter (it's been years since that's happened) so our finances are getting in better shape.  Steady pay coming in for both of us.  Daughter made it on cheer team again - completed her first fundraiser - she's really bustin' ass on them this year.  The team does their first charity event this Saturday (cheering on walkers for the cystic fibrosis foundation).  I'll carpool some kids, bring my beach chair and just hang out in the sun reading the paper... BUT with my fishing / lifeguard looking hat on. 

After 5 years I finally got new glasses - so when I'm at home I can actually SEE the TV.  They're cute enough I could wear them in public too.  Normally I wear my contacts 24/7 but allergies take their toll and my eyes pay for it. 

Grass volleyball just started and the first night out my left calf was cramping a bit.  Tried to shake it out, stretch, etc - kept getting worse.  Eventually I couldn't put any weight on it and my leg, ankle and foot were swollen.  Calmed down in about 2 weeks then last night playing "pop!" it happened again.  :(    Hurts like a mother-fucker.  I had to quit half-way through and missed my tournament later on.  UGH.  I'm assuming it's a pulled calf muscle.  This is bullshit.  I'm going to go get a brace today for it (happened to another v-ball friend and she said the brace is making a difference).  Really worried since I also start a sand league in 2 weeks.  arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh.

Been fishing a lot of course - love the weather and our beautiful mountains.  Can never get tired of it.

Other 2 daughters come out next month (along with my dad and his g/f visiting).  Kids will be here for a month - can't wait! 

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