Friday, February 11, 2011

saturday #2

Tomorrow is the 2nd Saturday at the new job. I'm not even sure it's worth going in since I can't really make any phone calls to followup with customer/potential new clients during the week. The new boss did give me a cell phone which was nice except I forgot to re-charge it and forgot honestly that I even HAD it. I will say I need extra $ so I'm not NOT happy about going in on Saturday. Just hard to get in the grove when no one is really there and I'm still not really sure how they run the office. Basically the new boss just says, "do whatever you need to do". Supposedly tomorrow we have "a lot to go over". Starting the 24th I will go work in the afternoons 2 days a week at the new job.

I seem to be getting myself into little work dilemmas - between the current boss, the new one, the district manager, and other agents. As in some customers want to "follow me" but they're already being assigned to another agency... it's a clusterfuck right now and I'm not sure how we're going to handle it all.

I can tell my current boss is ready for May 13th (the last official day we'll be open). I'm ready for it too! Trust me, the final day of that long ass commute will be great.

B/F still doesn't have a job. Do I need to even describe my stress? I had a quiet panicking/crying episode here at work while trying to figure out how to pay bills. Ugh.

Earlier this week I made some cowboy hat & sheriff badge ornaments - they are drying - tonight hopefully I can paint & glaze them... I want them to be ready for next Wednesday (my birthday!) when I work only half day and I'll go over to that western / antique store. I'm a little nervous. Do I pitch my stuff? Do I just show her and she'll say yes/no/I'll think about it? I don't even know what to BRING them in - I have a wood box/briefcase looking thing I can set them in...

Tonight the teenager has a dentist appointment - which I never mind going to because our dentist is cute as hell. DR ADAM I LOVE YOU! just kidding. sorta. Then a hair trim for me (I did cut off 6 inches but I'm thinking I need to do another 2), Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby and hopefully home. My "mother-in-law's" sister bought a few ornaments so I made $30 so I can buy more supplies.

1 more hour to go here at work. pleaseeeeeeeeeee hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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