Wednesday, February 9, 2011

screw posting

Sick of the snow and my commutes from hell - at least 1 & 1/2 hours each morning the last 2 days.

"mother-in-law" in town - nice to have her but sucks that we can't really get out and do anything since we're broke. she needs to come back out in summer so we can go fishing, picnic-ing, etc.

Haven't worked on ornaments in 2 weeks - yikes! too busy on the weekend. Did get a email response on some pics of the "western" ornaments that I emailed to a western/antique store - she wants me to bring them in. cool beans. Will walk around the other stores to see what they carry and followup on what I think they may be interested in. Will probably do this this Saturday after I work a few hours (at the other job).

That's it - back to the mother fin' grind!


  1. Thanks for your post on my blog. I will have to check out that movie, I love movies! And that is one awful commute! That for the new job you talked about in Jan or is that still your current job??

  2. current job - normally takes me 45 minutes to 1 hour to get here but the snow has been jackin' everything up.

    new job WITH traffic is only 20 minutes from home - can't wait! I'll start that full time in June once my boss retires at this agency. Right now I'm just doing some part time work at the new job... sheesh - i'm just all over the place aren't I.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment :). I was reading through your older blogs to find out about the tears. I just wanted to tell you, a few years ago our family lost a dear friend - he was 25, I started back to school, found out my daughter was using meth, found out my husband was "friends" with a girl he met online and it almost ruined our marriage, found out my daughter was pregnant and ate my way into oblivion. Today, I have a degree, a beautiful grandson, a sober daughter, a better husband (same one but wiser) and I just got a new job. I cried a river in those years, a river I tell you. Point is, hang in there, life is hell sometimes but things change!

    Love the ornaments! I am layed off right now or I would be buying some - eventually I will though. (I know that doesn't help you now - sorry)

  4. Thank you for the compliment on the ornaments! :)

    I guess I just wasn't used to crying SO MUCH so often. I felt like I was going crazy...

  5. Hi Cindy. I'm glad your found an outlet for your ornaments. I'm glad you have a job closer to home, can't imagine a commute like that.
    I hope that life calms down and settles in to a nice easy, enjoyable routine soon.
    Take care and thanks for stopping by. God bless you my friend.