Monday, October 1, 2012

is mom on the upswing?

May be lookin' like it... I am anxious to get out to CA on Thursday and see her!

This weekend I took a break and did not call the hospital.  Friends have been updating me through email on their visits with Mom...

BF and I went to manitou springs on Saturday for a fab lunch at PJ's Bistro and played arcade games and just walked around.  The leaves are turning so really everywhere in Colorado it's gorgeous.  We went to Seven Falls (my idea... bad idea).  Afraid of heights and I'm thinking it's a GREAT idea to climb up to 300 steps to the top of a waterfall?!  Yeah, I got to step 15, heart racing, hands shaking and came back down.  Total fail.  Total waste of $20. 

Sunday was spent cleaning.  Watched the bronco game - the ENTIRE game.  Didn't doze off once.  

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