Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Allan Almost Gastric Bypass FMT


Let's call it FMT, or Friend making Tuesday. As an exercise, post these questions on your blogs, answer them, and comment here that you have done so. We can all learn just a little bit more about each other...

1) I am how many years old, weigh this much, and aspire to weigh this much....

43, 145 (I think), ummmmmmmmm 120?  Really, I don't care... I'm good where I'm at for now.

2) I am following a great plan, and this is what I do....

no plan, except I've pretty much stuck to no soda during the week and am attempting to lower carbs

3) When faced with a decision of whether to eat something in moderation or abstain, I choose to....


4) I am employed as this, or I am not working but used to be this...

customer service/sales

5) I have pets, and they are, named...

.2 guinea pigs and 1 hermit crab - anyone live in Colorado and want them?!?!

6) My favorite snack food is.... and I can eat this many of them....

cheese - still in moderation

7) I blog because......

I needed to free up space in my head

Thanks and get cracking...


  1. I like the last answer, to free up space in your head. Really that's a cool answer.
    145 is a great weight as long as you are happy, healthy and taking care of yourself. Only you can know what is right for you.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Hi Cindy. I went back and did some reading to catch up since I last stopped (so you know quite a way back). I am so sorry about your girls with dad and none home. Will they come home for holidays/vacations? You can e-mail me if you'd like to visit. Just a thought.
    I do sure understand the no kid thing, it's harder than anything if you ask me.
    I hope your leg is feeling better, your blood pressure stays normal, you get your livingroom finished up and you like it and that boyfriend takes good care of you.

  3. Thank you Julie for your comment. I don't know about vacations yet, haven't even thought about it since all this stuff is happening with my mom. I just got back from CA again... my mom is slowly starting to improve so it doesn't feel like it's a death sentence like it was 4 weeks ago. emotionally i'm just drained but i'm still pluggin' along.

    leg is good, achy once in a while, blood pressure down, b/f taking care of me!

    *HUGS TO YOU!*

  4. I find blogging helps me to know what's going on in my head-- can get confusing in there.
    Tx for the comment on my blog, so glad to be 'back!'