Monday, February 24, 2014


Since moving into the townhome we've really had to downsize furniture wise, STUFF wise... in fact, I still need to get rid of more.  I haven't had a space to do any crafts - it's either at the coffee table which is too low or bringing in a tiny metal typing table from work that I was keeping on the balcony.  Never enough space.  The boyfriend has his office / gaming room but it would definitely be too cramped to be in there and I don't want to crowd the bedroom.  He rearranged his office so I know how have the closet to keep my crafts in (fabric, paints, canvas, etc).  Went to Ikea over the weekend - spent at least an hour there trying to figure out what we could do to give me a desk/work area.  The living room/dining area was the best idea but didn't want a regular table since we just eat at the coffee table, even when people are over.  Finally, decided on another red glossy bookshelf, left out the middle part and voila!   I have a space!  When I'm done working on a project it all goes back in the closet but even if it's left out for a few days it still looks pretty nice...

Funny, I love how at Ikea everyone is discussing which pieces to put together to fit in their homes... I definitely listen in on other people's conversations.

This is my lovely boyfriend being my hat model:

never a straight face with him!

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