Monday, March 3, 2014

st patrick's day hats

I belong to a site called wish upon a hero - you can wish for anything, and of course you can grant wishes... I just granted a wish for a family that wanted some st patrick's day hats.  I used my bear from 6th grade as my hat model ;)

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  1. Thank you Cindy. I am so glad you are still with me. My sister had your name and to read that name just brings me joy. So does having you comment but .... well two joys.
    I find this winter just so darn hard. It's never been this way, I'm not a depressed kind of person but this year has been just plain hard.
    I am hoping, with the help and support that I get from you guys, to do this right this time and just finish the deed I started 3 years ago. I worked hard to lose those 50lbs and now I have to just about start all over again. UGH!!!
    I hope you have an amazing and blessed day. And those hats of yours, WOW....I love them and I bet the family will do. You did great.