Friday, August 27, 2010


I guess that's all I needed. Full 8 hours, actually woke up before the alarm went off.

After 7 years of being divorced I still have the thought running through my head when I don't stay up late with my boyfriend that he'll be pissed. My ex, before we were married but living together, would read me the riot act when I wouldn't stay up until midnight with him (I started work early in the morning, he started in the afternoon - don't ask WHY we still got married).

Hard to rewire your brain... even 7 years later.


  1. And I can see why you kicked him to the curb...what were you, his entertainment committee (lol). Ahhh, 8 hours of sleep...keeps you looking young.

  2. except it took me 15 years to kick him to the curb! I must be a slow learner ;)