Thursday, August 26, 2010


What scares me: my vision, or lack of. my eyesight is TERRIBLE. with no vision insurance it's difficult to see the eye doctor yearly but I have to in order to get my new contacts Rx (and new glasses this year) - it's going to cost $350 to get this all done. Ugh. But it can't be put off...

I have a fear of waking up in the middle of the night to an intruder and I can't find my glasses - I literally cannot see 2 inches in front of my face. I also have a fear of ending up looking my ex's friends' mother's dog - a mutt that needed to be put to sleep but she kept him alive ("Barney") blind, deaf, disabled... will that be me some day? milky white eyes and unable to see??? I always ask my eye doctor a million questions regarding my vision but so far there is no major concern. I just have bad vision, I'm getting older and hormones are kicking in (why at 40 does everything about your body suddenly seem to get f*cked up??!). I'm having this problem _________ "well you're 41" so this __________ has been happening lately "well, you're in your 40's now". awesome.

When playing tennis at night everything is no longer crystal clear. I hate to use that as an excuse for my crappy tennis playing, but people (yes you B/F!) with great vision don't understand us blind schmucks...


  1. Ohhh, I hate it when the doctor says that, except mine is, "Well, you're 49..." I show him a spot on my skin, "Oh, that's just a barnacle." Actually, I thought that one was kind of funny. I now have barnacles!

    Thanks for your comment on my scale post. I'm glad you don't let your "scale" make you eat when you don't see a great number. But I'm with you...mine is going to the garage tonight.

    I know you live in the States, but you must have an online glasses place like this -

    Four people I know have purchased glasses from this website and they were all so pleased. A couple have even gone back to purchase another pair - for fashion sake. I'm hoping the days of super-expensive glasses are over. Or...are you talking about $350.00 just for an exam? Yikes! I just paid $80.00 for a check-up the other day.

  2. $350 for everything, exam, lenses, frames & contacts through Sam's Club. $180 is just for the lenses (bi-focals with invisline - there's gotta be a cooler word than BI-FOCALS!)

    Oh boy, age spots - that will be my next topic! Growing up in So Cal didn't help - I'm finally, FINALLY, putting on sunscreen every day under my makeup. B/F who is 8 years younger just got his FIRST age spot on his face and trust me I pointed it out. ;)