Thursday, December 30, 2010

sick sick sick

B/F still mildly sick, teenager sick sick. I refuse to get sick.

Haven't heard from the youngest since I told her she could live with dad. Typical. They must be throwing one helluva party out there. Talked to her teenage sister out there - asked are you excited about your little sister living with you? "uh I guess so". Little sister's facebook account was closed down because she was showing pics of her with her new pocketknife she got for Christmas. AWESOME. Before she left our house for WA she was stabbing things with a knife in her room. Can't even wrap my head around it.

So now I will have another empty room in the house. When the teenage twin left to live with Dad I turned her room into the craft room. Now the youngest has left I guess that will be the craft room and the original craft room will be a guest room. It's all too weird. I have to do something with it otherwise I'll just cry walking past it every night.

As you know B/F and brother are in the housepainting business. Their boss told them last week try to find another job because I have no work for you. NO PROBLEM! Especially in the middle of winter - should be a snap! *rolling eyes*.

You'd think I'd be stressing with all that happened this week. Okay, I am. But I feel like I'm on autopilot - like I took 2 advil PM's but I'm trying to stay awake. Is this the f'd up way I'm dealing with it?

I need spring. I need volleyball.


  1. We have empty rooms where child lived. In the end, and it is hard to see now, it will work out.. Smile

  2. yes, I know, Al said the same thing. *half-hearted smile*