Monday, December 27, 2010

back to posting...

Wow, a whole month - where have I been? Oh yeah, doing too much...

At work today - boss and wife out of town until Thursday. Eating popcorn and drinking water for lunch. All the "food" we have in the snack room is over processed crap - I can't handle eating it (boss eats it) and yet I'm too lazy to go get lunch so popcorn it is. Hopefully no one comes into the office today - I'm wearing jeans, a hoodie and my crocs (in 40 degree weather) - super professional huh?

The ornament thing has been going well. I sold almost 35 so far. Will have repeat-yearly orders from some other agents down the hall. Sent ornaments to all family and friends for Christmas this year (all I could afford to do). Everyone loved them - whew!

I forgot that we had an old camera (and the flash works) however I can't find the cord that will upload the pics to the computer - that's on my list to do tonight...

Christmas was spent at the b/f's brother's house for a few hours - nice to meet his wife's family. They were all super nice. At around 3 pm we came home to open gifts. Only 1 teenager at home with us. The 10 year old flew to her Dad's, the other twin teenager I couldn't afford to fly out. B/F woke up sick Christmas day - he just spoke to his brother - the whole entire family is sick. What the heck?

Get this, the teenager's dad didn't send her a gift or even CALL her on Christmas. Really? Granted, this kid has given you a lot of grief, but how old are you? 5? Is this your revenge? F you. What a shitty thing to do.

When I took the 10 year old to the airport they kept asking what year she was born... well the ex put in 1998 instead of 2000 when ordering the tickets online so he could avoid the $50 unaccompanied minor fee. So guess who had to pay for it - OF COURSE ME. As usual. "oh, I put in 1998?" - it's not like 2000 vs 1998 is just a TYPO. Do you think anyone believes you just accidently screwed up? again? and again?

I was ready to take down ALL the Christmas stuff that night, but I waited until Sunday. I couldn't stand it any longer. It's so frickin' crowded with all that crap out. Now it's all boxed up, including the garland and lights outside. I literally just ripped it down.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday... :)

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