Monday, November 29, 2010

Broncos game

Bronco game yesterday - what fun! My first pro game... yes, we lost - but it was great and FREEZING. Stayed until the very end... I was actually amazed that some of the bronco fans were BOOING our team - I realized we have sucked and the whole thing regarding the taped practice film, etc., but really? Booing your own team? I would NEVER do that... after years and years of being a UCLA ticket holder when we lived in CA I never onced booed our team.
I need to buy a new camera. I cannot get a picture up close of the beads and wiring. *sigh* Looks like I will have my first order of 20 though! I still haven't figured out what to charge... that will be reasonable...
I did experiement with new dough "designs" this weekend (besides making more apples & pears) - added oranges, surfboards, wreathes, hearts and some penguins!

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