Friday, November 5, 2010

this week

What is up with this week? Work is nonstop busy - yesterday I almost cried, if I have to speak to customers for 2 hours nonstop one after another with no break and problem after problem I start to feel myself LOSIN' IT. I don't know... I'm just not right this week. I have nonstop heartburn at home, my stomach feels yucky, ugh. I don't think I'm sick, I don't know what I am. B/F didn't work this week - maybe that's part of the stress? Got my first half of rent covered regardless... I put in 48 hours of work this week - maybe that was too much. His boss has invested $2K in advertising and supposedly the phone is ringing off the hook with bids he needs to do - so I'm hoping this means work will start coming in for the b/f and his brother. Winter is always iffy work-wise. B/F's brother and his wife are having a baby next week (inducing still as far as I know) so I can't imagine their stress... and happiness... all rolled into one.

Last night even though I felt yucky and just wanted to curl up and go to sleep I start painting the dough pieces that had dried (for ornaments)... with ONE TINY brush - where the hell are all my brushes? Need to buy more and some polyurethane (spelling?)/gloss this weekend.

All by myself today - boss's wife's father passed away so they flew out to Arizona for the funeral. Should be a semi-quiet day.

Last night I made oatmeal - saved some for breakfast this morning and have been drinking hot tea at work...

Sunday is a free zoo day - the first one we've had a in a long time where it won't be snowing! I love the zoo - we've been there a million times but I like seeing the animals and talking to them (yes, I'm one of those people) and being outside... Will take the teenager and 10 yr old.

Alright, phones are ringin' *sigh* Ugh, and a sales rep just showed up. I don't want to talk to people today! go away ;)

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  1. Sorry things are so busy. Life gets that way sometimes.
    I mostly stopped by to tell you TAG...You're IT...I left a game of tag for you on my blog!!