Thursday, November 18, 2010

don't want to be here

One of those days where I can't stand being at work - I want to be home working on those damn ornaments. I spent 2 hours on them last night, just painting & glazing. In my mind I'm thinking I need to get hundreds done like I'm going to be doing craft shows this year - really nothing will happen until NEXT year, so I need to stop panicking. The craft room itself is a disaster and totally disfunctional - this weekend I will have to rearrange it again and get a system going. I need to be able to reach and grab everything within a sitting down distance - and put the ones up to dry within a reachable distance too. It's taking longer than I thought to get them done. I really need to time myself to help me figure out what to charge for each one (besides the cost of materials). Tonight I'll head over to Hobby Lobby for ribbon and beads to go with the pumpkins. I want to at least get some down for Thanksgiving for local friends (maybe people that will order them in the future?! - I'm trying to set myself up here).

I didn't even realize after a couple of hours sitting there that my stomach was growling - 10 year old came in, "mom do you want a sandwich?" YES! Thanks for lookin' out for Mom...

Also been trying to think of a catchy business name and so far they all suck.

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