Monday, November 22, 2010

more ornaments

Geez, what a crappy picture... 10 year old took this one with her cell phone, BUT as you can see I'm turnin' out the ornaments. I will have to take some good close up shots. The 10 year old and I spent 2 hours just reorganizing the craft room so I have everything in place. Now I just need to get a really good lamp.
Boss surprised me with a "turkey bonus" on Friday which made me cry. I finally had some extra $ in my pocket so all of us went out to dinner Friday night. We felt like REAL people! Went to Lone Star Steakhouse - I splurged and got a small steak, salmon, potato, creamed spinach and a sam adams. I literally ate only 1/4 of my meal...
10 year old got her ears pierced, teenager got a nose piercing (it actually looks really good on her) and I got a few shirts and super warm zip-up hoodie from Sam's club. Did all our Thanksgiving shopping (first year ever I didn't have to stress about how much $ I was spending). Yesterday untangled all the xmas lights, hung up the garland and lights outside. Had to do it this weekend since we're supposed to dip in the 30's this week for Thanksgiving.
I'm just happy I only have 3 days of work this week and hopin' it goes by fast! Looking forward to having a whole 4 days with the kids and b/f :) Hopefully we'll have the teenager's room painted this weekend (hot pink & gray - oh boy). Gotta convince the b/f that it'll be the perfect time to do it.

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