Thursday, August 30, 2012

better today

Had volleyball league last night - b/f went with me.  Was good to get in the swing of things again.  Beautiful german shepherd was there (that was the kind of dog I had growing up) - we may need to get a dog.  I think the b/f needs a buddy (me, not so much).  

Busy day at work - being busy helps, occupies my mind.  I have some new ideas for paintings- some dark depressing ideas which in the long run will make me feel better (and maybe sell?).

Tomorrow I'll get my highlights done - almost 2 inches of roots now - yuck.  

This hot weather won't stop!  I don't want to say I'm ready for fall, but ugh, I'm sick of 90 degree days.  

Life moves on.  I have to move forward.  I HAVE TO.   I have to help my b/f move forward too.  I have never seen him like this.  Normally he can cope and move on... I am hoping to get someone for him to talk to soon.  I am worried...

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