Tuesday, August 14, 2012

high blood pressure

Did I mention that already?  Dad ordered me a high blood pressure monitor for my wrist - should be receiving it soon.  Speaking of my wrist, jammed it last night plowing into a guy playing volleyball.  "goddamnit it Jacob what the fuck?!  why didn't you move?  your name is Jacob right?"  good start to making new friends!

Quit soda during the week - it's been about a month.  No more frozen meals.  Curious to know if my blood pressure has gotten better. 

Vball last night was drop-in.  I'm so anti-social now when it comes to new things.  I think I'm picking that up from the b/f.  I had to talk myself into going last night.  Only knew the coordinator of the league.  The vball sucked but the people were super nice.  I may go on Thursday again just to be out of the house.  Looks like a group of people go out after for dinner so I may plan on that too.  I do no socializing except playing vball - I never actually hang out with any of the vball people outside of vball.  I need to change that.  I'm super happy spending all my social time with my b/f and/or the kid but I need to expand my horizons.  Oh, and there were lesbians there - yay!  I miss the gays.  I have no gays in Colorado.  All of them are back in  CA... *sigh*.  I wanted to go to pridefest this year but I had a vball tournament.  Next year I'm definitely going and taking the teenager.  

School starts next week.  Did our school shopping on Sunday.  All day.  Nice that the teenager has a permit now 'cause I enjoyed a margarita at dinner and she drove us home.  Cheer practice is in full swing again since football starts right up.  We have a car wash fundraiser on Saturday.  A team parent meeting Wednesday which means I miss out on my vball league (grrrrr). 

A few months ago I threw out all my art books.  I did keep my paints - just in case I felt the urge again.  I finished one painting this weekend.  Insurance is killin' me - I need another outlet.  Will I be in insurance forever?  Can I make a living at something else?  Maybe I just need a vacation?

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