Wednesday, January 26, 2011

20 minutes of sadness

That's all I had yesterday (last night) - thank the Lord above.

I talked to a potential new employer for about 30 minutes yesterday. We have an initial interview Friday morning. Pretty much the same thing I'm doing now but more selling (I think). Not what I originally wanted to do however this guy is one of the top 100 agents in all of Colorado (been an agent for 24 years) so it would be stable. Anyway, we gotta see if we mesh, the price is right and have a trial run (maybe 1/2 day a week for a while since I'm really not available until June). I pretty much told him I will be completely honest about what I want/don't want/etc - he was happy to hear that. I told the b/f it's just cause I'm old now and don't give a shit and have no intention on kissing ass for a job (which is kinda shitty to say in this economy I suppose). This new location would also cut my commute time in half. Anyway, I'm not excited about it but hey, it's an opportunity and we'll see what happens.

The COOL thing is however is that there is a LOT of v-ball leagues in his area... and he mentioned Kerri Walsh's (AVP player - sand) relative (uncle maybe) is an agent too (in CA of course) and that's how he got a signed volleyball by Kerri and I said, "ohhhhhhhhhhh hmmmm now THAT is an incentive" he said, yeah, he could hook me up. Again, entice Cindy with signed AVP crap and food - that's all I need. ;)

So onward I go...

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  1. A new challenge in the job front is hard but if it feels right you'll know. Good luck. I read a bit and I love those hearts and stars you made. Crafting is a great mood lifter, good job.
    Take care Cindy and have a blessed evening.