Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The little one "floating" down Boulder creek (yes, the day that I got ass-ivy).
Both of us can fit on this huge turtle...



The last one I made was back in high school to water my plants. Think I kept it? We have NO real plants in the house. It's hard enough to "water" the hermit crab.

There are fun things I want to try though. Like "real tubing" down some of our rivers - we've kinda done the floaty thing for like 50 yards, but not actually tubed down the whole thing. Mainly because the little one was too little - this year the teenager will probably want to go with friends I'm sure. And when her twin and the little one come out for the summer we can try it (little one now has a life jacket). I would like to try white water rafting too - I know I will scream the whole way but it looks fun. I get jealous when we're out fishing and see the rafters.

I also need to increase my arm strength. I have none. This would make a huge difference when hitting the ball (both volleyball and tennis) and serving. I can "place" a hit (in v-ball) and score a point but really I'd like to ram it down someone's throat. Especially at some asshole guy that is on at least ONE team every league-session or tournament.

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