Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Last night the B/F painted the "new" craft room which is actually the little one's old room. I wanted a teal color - he got some free paint from his buddies - it's more of a green than blue but I really like it - and it's lighter. I have a framed surfer poster (pipeline I think). 2 more frames I'm going to spraypaint silver and throw some surfers in there. Will bring up my newly formed shell collection from the basement to put on the wall (not sure what design yet). Will be pretty when I'm done...

Yesterday he drove down and we dropped the "pickle", that POS van from his brother, off at the repair shop. I think it needs a new ignition switch. My stomach is in knots thinking about the cost. B/F is still job hunting... repair shop just called, of course the pickle starts perfectly for them every time.

Teenager gets out early on Wednesdays from High School. Her and friends are going to McD's after school then home to practice cheer - 3 girls, or maybe 4 now, are going out for the squad I think sometime in March.

Work is busy - which is good - it keeps me from crying.

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