Thursday, January 6, 2011

back to numb

Well I didn't cry yesterday, that's good right? I'm back to numb again.

Not sure why I can never remember when the spring volleyball session starts - I think it's April. 4 months. *sigh* wayyyyyyyy toooooooooo long.

We needed a new starter for the pickle. $242 plus tax. Next is a new windshield. I said to the B/F, your brother is going to reimburse right? "right". surrrrrrreeeeeeeeee.

Job opportunities in the mix for the B/F - possibly a future foreman position with of course some painting too. I think he would enjoy this. He's a good people person and has that management personality and can be a charmer with the homeowners too.

Saturday is salon day - it's been 3 months since I had my roots done. I've been wearing ponytails every day for a month because my hair looks so shitty. I purposely made sure to set aside part of commission check to pay for it. And order new contacts. And fix the pickle... and well poof it's gone already!

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