Thursday, September 23, 2010

diseases or deaths in 3's

Good luck must be coming my way soon. I have been through my "ass ivy" (thanks Allan) (which by the way is FINALLY starting to clear up, now I just look like a burn victim with new skin), 3 eye doctor appointments (another one this Saturday) (how pathetic I must look to my pretty eye doctor every time, ass ivy on my legs (good for her I didn't show her my ass last time, but trust me, I mentioned it), old granny glasses on, my roots showing, blowing my nose constantly because of allergies...), and suffering through a cold this week. How attractive I must be to the B/F.

This is IT, right?! I am done, right?! for f's sake...

Teenager had a blast at homecoming, however she ended up with a cold for 3 days and so did her friends. Life lesson when she's 18 and sneaking into clubs and has to recover the next day. I never snuck into clubs at 18, I was too chicken to get a fake ID. So instead I hopped into a cab down in Mexico and rolled to TJ and got my ass slapped by Mexicans while we were walking to clubs. MUCH SAFER. Actually it was, probably not now, but then, during the 80's, it was a blast.

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