Thursday, September 16, 2010


Poison motherf*ckin' Ivy.

Up to 8 weeks to heal? Are you KIDDING me????


  1. Thanks for the comment Cindy you made me feel better. It is true between work, kids, hubby, gym, cooking, and the list goes on there really isn't much time left for much else. Some days I feel fine about it all other days I get a bit melancholy. Nice to know someone's reading though. Sorry to hear you had poison ivy so long, ekkkk.

  2. What!!!! Oh no. That sucks, Cindy. Thank you so much for the beautiful quote you left on my blog today. It's now one of my favourites...I'll add it to my favourite quotes page.

  3. That quote helped me get through a very terrible divorce... I'm glad you like it.

    At tennis last night the b/f mentioned it looks like he beat me up with all these rashes and scabs and stuff on my legs - lovely!

  4. Everyone gets beautiful quotes, and I get... Fat Bastard... Where is the love.. Hope the ass Ivy goes away, and it does ask a lot of gaping questions... Kisses...

  5. ha. at least I never call you an asshole. I read "getting in my belly" and fat bastard immediately came to mind.

    the ass ivy has cockblocked any ass for me. I will say eventually it started to look like a huge maple leaf... isn't that more inviting?!