Wednesday, September 1, 2010

drugged up

I gave in and drugged up on cold medicine last night... and today. I swear that tylenol cold PM does NOT work as well as dayquil... normally nyquil will knock my ass out within 20 minutes. The tylenol cold PM never did kick in but at least it helped my sore throat. I watched one of my favorite movies again, Elizabeth, while trying to doze off in bed. My ex and I had decided after seeing that movie that if we ever had another daughter that would be her name... and it happened. Such a great inspirational movie.

I did not end up getting a new comforter... I looked at a few at Walmart but realized if I bought the cheap set they would end up like crap just like the other ones I purchased. I almost thought about buying an expensive set at Sam's Club but instead did some food shopping. Good thing too because the b/f has been off 3 days from work this week and my commission check was half of what I thought it would be so this wouldn't have been in our budget anyway. Okay, it wasn't really in our budget to begin with but I'm sick and wanted new sheets damnit - whine whine whine. Actually, I figured if I can just get some new pillow cases that might do the trick.

I'm wussin' out and skipping volleyball tonight. Hopefully they found a sub for me. Normally, when drugged up, I would convince myself I felt good enough to go play for 2 1/2 hours... but really, I'm trying to be smart about it this time and just take my ass home after work and get into bed. Trying to be smart at 41 - amazing!

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