Thursday, September 30, 2010

intention was to play tennis

but we didn't, we discussed our future, well our job future, specifically his job future. In his business it's so uncertain, it's great money, if you're working 40 hour work weeks. He wants to start his own business again, but would need a partner, so that brings us back to square one (starting the business previously with his brother was a disaster). Anyway, at least we had a good conversation, right? Tonight it's either tennis or the HS football game...

On the way home last night picked up some purple hair dye for the teenager - it's just spray in and will wash out - I need to try it! I think I'm going to go back to full blonde and use some funky spray in stuff when I get the urge for some color. Of course no one cares about this except ME! Being broke has me struggling how to get my hair done - I refuse to use a box color again and fuck it up... highlights are too expensive so I emailed my hair dresser about just getting one all over color, that's gotta be cheaper since it takes less time... *please let me have a decent commission check so I can get this done! - will know tomorrow*

I am trying to figure out why I started following all these weight loss blogs... (okay and 2 porn blogs) I think in the beginning it was to get healthier receipes for my family. Most of the struggles I started to read about had nothing to do with weight loss, they were the same struggles I go through and now I feel "connected" to these people to see how they are making the differences that need to be made, and maybe I can adopt some of those changes...

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