Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Way too busy to post yesteday. Too busy today too, but I just ate lunch so I can take 5 minutes...

I have this gross rash on my knee, under my other knee, and the bottom of my ass - bug bites that I scratched too much in my sleep and this dreaded heat on top of that turned into this gross disgusting rash. In fact, part of rash on the top of my knee was was oozing pus. GROSSSSSSSS. B/F said I got herpes - herpes may be better at this point. It's slowly going away but it's frustrating. I have tried everything to not scratch at night - wrapping a scarf around my leg with an ace bandage on top to "prevent" me from digging in deep. Playing volleyball tonight and I'm going to wear yoga pants in 85 degree weather - it's that or scare my teammates away...

Temporary contact lenses in, eye drops - followup appointment this Saturday. Praying all goes well.

Shopping for a homecoming dress this weekend. Gordmans had dresses for $30 - hopefully they are still there - that will fit into the teenager's budget I have offered her... she already has brand new shoes my mother gave her. (my mom gave us at least 15 pairs of shoes when we visited her on vacation, practically NEW, all valued around $200 for each pair - ha - I buy shoes at Walmart so this was like a gift from God).

End of season volleyball tournmanet this Sunday. I LOVE these tourneys - total fun (yet exhausting), free food, beer, etc (sometimes they even have personal massage therapists there). Weather only supposed to be in the 70's so it will be perfect. Maybe I'll be less herpe-infected at that point... We always kick ass at the tournaments. Should be doing that during league play during the week but we're lazy (or maybe just I am - okay, I KNOW I am).

Doing better at tennis now that I can SEE the frickin' ball.

B/F went dirtbike racing last night. I was worried. And it was justified - he came home hurt, I was pissed, we fought. *sigh*


  1. Oh no! That rash sounds really horrible. Good luck not scratching yourself open - maybe try some cortisone cream? And also neosporin, wouldn't want to scar!

    I don't know if there is a time to best eat "real" food, but the juices/shakes aren't that low in calories. I'm probably drinking about 250 calories a "meal," with tons of fiber, vitamins, protein, blah blah blah :-)

  2. I have been trying everything. cortisone, calamine lotion, a Rx my daughter had for her rash a while back, regular lotion, NOTHING, the list goes on and on.

    Maybe it's mental - having the "real food" for breakfast and lunch.

    I struggle with quitting caffeine - especially at work. I know lots of hot tea gets me through the work day better... but I get sick of tea!