Monday, September 13, 2010

working from home today

Youngest daughter is sick... boss not happy (he's stressed out when I'm not there and his wife gets pissy LOL - oh well!). Didn't realize they would be forwarding some customer calls directly to my number at home, so of course I wasn't answering any of them.

Volleyball tourney yesterday was okay. We had a 6 team pool - getting ready to play team #5 and one of our guys says he's gotta go, for the day, just like that. I with my big mouth, got pissed (of course) and asked why he was fucking our team over for the tournament "uhhh I just gotta go do something", eventually I just said whatever and walked away trying to find a sub. We played from 9 am to around 4 pm, broke pool (we only lost 1 game out of 10 that morning), but in the late afternoon only ended up probably around 6th or 7th place *sigh* We usually end up at least 3rd. I miss our guy that normally plays on our team - he had to sit out this season because of a neck injury - the guy that replaced him is just an a-hole, a "if there is something better going on" he's doing that instead. F you if you can't be a team player, you jackass. VENTING DONE.

Alright back to work...

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