Thursday, September 2, 2010

no sore throat, feeling 100%

Which means I'm kickin' some butt at work... which is good, especially since a customer came in to do a review and I better be on my game and not drugged out.

High school teenager's first football game tonight - I think it's bugs her that we're going, but I assured her we would NOT sit by her. lol Last night bought her some mardi gras beads in her HS school colors (of course had to buy EVERY color since they come in packs). Also got her some hair clips and little bows to glue on in her school colors to make for her and her friends. I will support school spirit 100%. Proud of her - it's only been 2 weeks as a freshman but already she's signed up for student council and joined the hiphop breakdancing team. I never joined clubs in school and regretted it - without trying to overbearing I was still letting her know it would be "fun" to go to the club "rush" and check out clubs she may want to join... and make new friends. Hey, I'm just happy she listens to me 50% of the time...

I gave in and bought new sheets last night. In white, ON SALE, for only $20. Can't beat that. I realized our other sheets are such crap because I could only afford polyester (yes, we have been bottom of the barrel broke for a long time). These new sheets are 60% cotton so hey, we're slowly movin' on up in the world.

Big Lots now has $3 DVD's - oh boy, that's a weakness. Walmart's $5 DVD's I could never justify, it was just a little too much. BUT $3! heck - I bought 4. Shoot, when we return a redbox movie too late that's $3 right there. I can justify the shit ouf of anything.

I have apologized to the boyfriend twice now for being such a bitch - I don't know if it's working. I was really outta line. Ugh. I hate myself sometimes. Before my words of evil left my mouth I kept saying, just keep quiet - you don't need to say this crap! But then I was on a roll, and my throat hurt, and I was whiney, and feeling sorry for myself, and every excuse I could think of. Again, I justified it. If he said the things I said to him, to ME, I would have slapped him. That tells you how bad it was.

Our finances will suck this weekend, and it's a 3 day weekend! Crap! Hopefully we will be back to normal and we can still enjoy it. I may get out the autum/fall decorations. When going into Hobby Lobby last night I TRIED to ignore all their fall stuff - but man, it's just SO BEAUTIFUL (seriously, it is, if you're a freak like me) so I thought, I'll look at this stuff, but NOT the Halloween stuff (yeah right).

The teenager wants to have a Halloween party - now I just told the b/f the other day I would not go crazy this year with Halloween. I was so secretly excited she said this because now I have a REASON to go crazy.

Alright back to work...


  1. High school is quite different here in Canada. Not as much school spirit happening. Kind of sucks, but then again it's not as expensive :) We have kind of picked up on the prom thing (which is Graduation here) and it gets a little out of hand (I blame the influence of the US - lol). I know what you mean about the evil mouth...that's what we women do - ha ha. But seriously when you have financial issues it's quite stressful (as well as hormones) it's easy to yak a bit. Oh well, water under the bridge. They usually write it off as "women issues." I love Halloween too. Lots of stuff that you can do that doesn't cost too much.

  2. She has homecoming in 3 weeks - I keep bugging her to find out how much the tickets are, what type of dress does she need (going with friends), etc. I even asked a girl working at a local department store last weekend (who looked to be in college) what type of dresses do girls wear to dances nowadays? (only long dresses to prom per her advice) Luckily we found some cute dresses so far only around $30.

    The evil mouth really makes me feel terrible. Because I take it to the extreme. It's conflicting, I'm supposed to be ME, but being ME shouldn't be a raving lunatic, right?!

    HALLOWEEN - best holiday outta all of them (decorating-wise) ;)