Thursday, October 7, 2010

20 / 20

Yep, only got $20 from that mom so far, supposed to get the other $20 today.

Printed out 3 pics of hair styles to show the b/f for an opinion. "It's your hair, do what you want to do". Uhhh, can you just tell me out of these 3 which you like the best??? "I don't like the one that looks like 70's hair". Gotcha. And not too short. See, I know what I like, but I'm 41 and feel like I'm still stuck in the 80's and since he's 8 years younger than me I think that maybe he'll know what will look better and more CURRENT. But in the end, as he reinforces it, it's what I LIKE, not what he likes.

He likes video games, rap music, fishing, golfing, tennis and pot.

I like crafts, 80's & country music, fishing (because of him), volleyball, tennis and a beer.

We both like porn and having sex - but seem to not watch enough or do enough - what the hell is up with that?! lol

I worried in the beginning about the age difference and not having a lot in common, but we talked nonstop about, nothing, and everything. It's the silly stupid things we do - and the laughing. THANK GOD FOR THE LAUGHING. I said last night we should start having date night "we don't have $ for that". *sigh* So during Hell's Kitchen we started a game throwing popcorn in each other's mouth from opposite sides of the couch and keeping score. Totally awesome, totally fun, total laughing. Perfect. I never had this with the ex. The laughing has got to be the most important part.


  1. So when my wife gets rid of me, which of the two of you sounds more appealing... If only he was a girl...

  2. LMAO. It's a toss up isn't it??!

  3. everyone eventually says that...