Tuesday, October 19, 2010

thank you Christina...

From Christina at http://iamsickofbeingasbigasahouse.blogspot.com/ :)

Yeah, I have no idea how to just post someone's name and link to their blog... I'm definitely not the TECHY guru like the B/F is.

7 things about myself (wait, are these supposed to be NEW things?!?!)

1) I dropped out of high school 3 months before graduation, got my GED in 2 1/2 hours and then moved out to a duplex in Huntington Beach 3 blocks from the beach (heaven!) - went to community college for a semester and dropped out of that too. Thought my life was full with just working and playing volleyball... never thought about the future. Funny, both my parents have college degrees - I look back and wonder why they didn't push me, or HELP me towards that goal. Oh well... now I have paid the price.

2) Okay, #1 was too long - let's get to the point. Even though I'm self confident NOW I still doubt myself, secretly, since I was in a 15 year marriage from HELL - if I was so smart and confident back then, in the beginning, why did I stay in it? What if I'm stupid AGAIN and don't realize it?

3) I have no tattoos - I'm too chicken. At 40 I was going to get one, now I guess I'll try again when I turn 50.

4) Weekly I freak out about finances and have mild panic attacks. To medicate myself I'll take an advil PM. So for 20 years I've been having financial panic attacks. Everything always works out, but I always stress. I'm sick of it.

5) I'm scared to be alone once my parents die. I'm an only child.

6) One boob is lower than the other - but I think that's normal. I always forget which boob it is.

7) I'm pretty good at communicating with those that have passed - however previously it was been so DEAD ON that I spooked myself a little... I have quit trying to communicate.

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