Tuesday, October 5, 2010

getting thru

the day - not a lot of sleep, throwing up this morning (stress probably?) - body aches all over. I thought worrying about my finances was my biggest problem, not realizing it was my teenage daughter. Really put things in perspective quickly. Her father, who lives in another state, wants to fly out to "support her" - support her being a dumbass? Maybe you should support her when she's a good kid and actually LIVE WHERE SHE LIVES and raise her. Nah, easier to just raise one of the kids - forget about the rest of them.

2 hours to go. I can do this. I think I need a bubble bath tonight and then snuggle up with the kids and watch Glee. I'd snuggle up with the b/f but watching Glee for an hour would be torture for him...

Listen to what I ate yesterday (fooling myself that my body could handle it) - quiznos for lunch with a pepsi (granted I only eat half and save the rest for the next day) and then split a combo mexican food meal (with a coke) with my teenager at a little hole in the wall place for dinner. I don't remember having one piece of fruit or a vegie... ugh, I felt gross afterwards.

Is it Friday yet?

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