Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Which I should technically give back to Allan. Maybe I misrepresented myself, maybe he can't read or he thinks I should drop a few pounds.

Whatever you do don't copy my diet today - toast with jam, milk, dr p, doritos, leftover chicken and an ice cream from McD's. I always complain about shitting rocks yet look at what I'm eating today.

I miss vball like you don't even know. I miss tennis. *sigh* I think this is part of my funk/depression right now.

Last night we drove downtown for the teenager's thing - well it's NEXT week. She wanted to cruise the hood and look for gangbangers however I felt we saw enough homeless people and at least SOME hoodlums so we headed home.

B/F and I were discussing his friend's recent breakup. He talked to his friend about us and said something about me being his soulmate. I did not change the expression on my face but kept listening. I was FLOORED. I'm his soulmate?! I wanted to cry, in a good way. However he also told his friend even if you think someone is your soulmate there are still OTHER potential soulmates out there - I totally agree. For other people, not him. lol

Back to the weight. I don't want to change my weight. But I would eventually like to have a better build, muscles - I would like to be STRONGER when I hit a ball, I would like to FEEL like I could kick some ass if needed.


  1. Sooooooooooooo sorry. I see your profile picture, and then the picture on your signature from work, and it seems you lost a ton.. My bad... Still loves me...

  2. no problem, still all me - no difference in weight - maybe I just take crappy pictures!!!