Friday, October 8, 2010

almost forgot to post

Still haven't received the remaining $20 from that mom. The b/f didn't even have to say I told you so.

I still feel icky - like ALL over. I'm chalking it up to stress and sitting on my ass all day.

The hair appointment is tomorrow.

Boss out of the office today - his wife brought in a small warming pot thing (not a slow cooker, I don't know what it is) with homemade tomato soup so I've been having that ALL day - fab.

I gotta get out and excercise. I want to beat someone's ass - at SOMETHING. All the things I like have fallen by the wayside since I jacked up my back after that tournament. Daily tennis, working on my puzzle (seriously!), reading, crafty stuff... beating my children, ya know the usual. ;)

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