Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Shit! Is anyone watching CNN? I'm watching from work - I don't know when to leave to go home - I don't want to miss anything! Will take me at least one hour to get home... arrggghhh! 7 pm ET, that's 2 hours ahead of uhh Colorado time right?! lol


  1. You've got plenty of time..they are going to lower the first rescuer at 9 and it won't be till 2 hours later that they bring the first one up. I don't watch CNN. I watch Fox (please don't hold it against me...). LOL

    Fascinating..will be so glad when they are rescued safe and sound!

  2. I watched 2 of the miners last night and then 2 this morning - just got to work will turn on CNN.

    Loved the 2nd miner that was brought up, Mario - he went crazy when he got off running around highfiving people. awesome.