Friday, October 15, 2010

lack of water

I really only drink it when playing sports, otherwise it's only a few times per week. I have been feeling shitty the last 3 weeks right? I can't shit, when I do, it's rocks, it hurts, I'm lethargic, my body aches, etc... When was my volleyball tournament? Over 3 weeks now?

I feel nauseous today at work - I decided to take my break and go to the bank to deposit my paycheck. I see an empty water bottle rolling around the passenger seat floorboard... oh WATER! Hey Buddy! Haven't seen you in a LONG time! (note: clean out car this weekend).

So I've got that water bottle refilled sitting on my desk, DRINKING IT.

I feel stupid.


  1. 64 ounces a day slim !! Always... Works for the skin as well, keeps you youthful..

  2. I take fiber pills to help with shitting. Makes a work of pain free difference. Anytime I put a paycheck in the bank is a great day.

  3. will 64 ounces take off 8 years!??!

    I have benefiber at home - need to start it up again...