Wednesday, October 6, 2010

definitely feeling better than 33%

Body is still sore. But then again I haven't done anything - no tennis, no nothing.

I have mentioned quite a few times how broke we are. A friend of my daughter's (who is 10), her mom came to pick her up last night, and asked if she could borrow $40 - she just got back from the ER with her son who had strep and couldn't afford the Rx - she would be able to pay me back the next day. You don't know how good it felt to say YES since normally I would never be able to spare $40 - even for a day. Of course the b/f wasn't happy with this since I loaned money to a friend (like 5 years ago!) and was never paid back. Whatever, no biggie, was happy to help. I remember the days when the twins were just babies and my ex and I were so poor I had to borrow $ just to buy a gallon of milk. Once again, puts life in perspective.

I better get my fucking $ today. lol

Enjoyed Glee. God I wish I could sing. I won't sing in front of anyone, not since the day when I was married and my prick of an ex mentioned I had a horrible singing voice. The one fear I can't get over. Okay, I'll kinda sing in the car with my kids, they don't care. But my b/f is a musical guy, he writes, produces & sings his own music, so I'm just paranoid. I don't care about anything else, I don't care about acting stupid, doing lame accents, lame dance moves, but don't ask me to carry a tune. Ugh.

It's only 70 today. Thought it was gonna be in the 80's again so I am not dressed for this weather. A sundress and white heels (yeah yeah, I don't care about still wearing white). Luckily I have a portable heater at work.

I am swamped at work which means I should stop writing on this blog! Later...


  1. 70 degrees??? i am so jealous.

    My wife loans her sister money all the time and it drives me nuts because she never pays us back. If we were to ever borrow some from her, it's like she needs it the next day.

  2. I know, I shouldn't bitch about 70 degrees - we've had a warm October so far...

    I just hope I get the $40 back so I don't hear the wrath from the b/f. ;)