Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't post about religion, politics, SCIENCE, etc

because I don't know enough.

Teenager had her career workshop thing last night in downtown Denver. She was the only freshman there, everyone else was a senior. It was at an interior design place - she felt like she didn't know enough (join the club!) and when making a presentation about the room she designed she was a little embarrassed. She volunteered to the be the first one, and when asked why she picked the colors and design for the "couple" she was assigned (an "older" couple) she said uhhh I picked the colors because I LIKED the colors and old people get cold so I added a fireplace. LOL. That explains it in a nutshell! I guess the seniors were more descriptive than her, but she's only 14, we gotta give her a break. A boy in the group (she wanted to get his phone number - good grief! sounds like her mother) designed a room for a younger couple - he chose red walls and a king side bed since younger couples are basically going to have a lot of sex.

While waiting for her outside (at 8 pm) some crazy homeless guy was pushing his grocery cart singing and preaching. It scared the hell out of my 10 year old - me a little too... eventually the security/door man guy from the building across the way came out and told the homeless guy to move along. Gotta love downtown...

Saturday was chore day. Sunday all of us went to downtown Boulder to walk around and get Christmas ideas... okay, I wanted to get ideas on what I wanted for Christmas. We then had lunch and went to Colorado Mills and walked around. None of us wanted to be home. I think we're sick of being at home again - man, just wait for winter... we'll drive each other crazy!

One of my favorite local places to visit: http://stnicks.com/gallery.php themed room after themed room...

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