Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkins replaced

Work was too busy this week (still is) for posting here... I don't hop on the computer at home since I'm sick of working on it during the day.

Last night teenager and I made shrimp with avocado salad and some pizza rolls on the side - not enough salad for her, me and B/F so we threw the pizza rolls in there - I had 4. I love them. Therefore, only 4! Salad was awesome (mom, why don't we eat more shrimp? uhhh cause you used to hate them until about a year ago).

Did I mention our pumpkins were stolen? maybe that was Facebook... that's what happens when you live in the hood I guess - couldn't afford to buy more but my boss was nice enough to bring 2 large pumpkins, 2 small ones, and a huge garbage bag of hay to work today - what a great surprise this morning! His church is selling them so he must of jacked some for me (does a churchgoer do that?!). He said the hay was for my "artistic ability" - I've been wanting hay for a LONG time to decorate with - awesome!

Teenager had another career day thingy Monday night - had a great time since it was basically the same people as the week before and the cute guy again. Did she LEARN anything? are you kidding???!

10 year old went to a pumpkin carving party last night with a friend - friend's mom didn't bring her home until 10 pm (sheesh!) - she got 3rd place and has a pretty cool pumpkin... with a bat carved out.

This weekend - finish up the decorations (half of them blew down - stupid Colorado wind), get candy, get supplies for new business, etc.

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