Thursday, October 14, 2010

chinese food

We have it every week - my boss orders it for us. He's had cashew chicken every week for 9 years. Good grief. It's really hard to order stuff that isn't covered in pounds of sauce. Of course my lunch lasts me for 3 days... the amount of food they give you is insane. Today I ordered chicken, snow peas, carrots and I think water chestnuts... and rice. Plain and boring. I'll eat more of it tomorrow and then take a leap and eat the rest on Monday. So far I haven't died eating chinese food 4 days later.

10 year old daughter is with my boss's wife today. She's an incredible seamstress so they're going to make a vampire cape for Halloween. She's like a second mom to me (my mother sews too - lives in CA, sucks not being near her).

I have said F it to my hair. I'm sick of blow drying it and styling it. The last 2 days I used some hair mousse stuff and scrunched it and let it dry naturally. It's wavy - kinda cute - well kinda outta control. Something different at least. Per the b/f, "what the hell happened to your hair???". Damn it's not like freshly f'd hair, it's just wavy!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss watching the miners. I watched Hells Kitchen last night - the drama was nothing compared to the miners...

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