Thursday, October 21, 2010

eat, don't work!

I eat when I don't want to work - I spent a hour yesterday munching on pretzels and cheese and reading blogs after my boss left because I didn't want to work (okay I took phone calls and stuff but that doesn't really count).

I don't think this is gonna fly at a new job.

I learned for the first time, after 9 years of being here, how to refill the water dispenser. lol but did I actually do it? NO! My boss explained HOW to do it...

This weekend we have to get the emissions tests done on our 2 vehicles. Next Friday, last day of the grace period, we have to register them. Yep, always wait until the VERY LAST DAY. With everything. All my bills. Fun.

I'm dreading cold weather. It's nippy in the morning but I'm still wearing sandals every day, even with these pasty white legs. On the weekends if it's cold I'll wear my flip flops (crocs) and wear socks with them. I decided this was a CA thing (socks and flips) but now seeing more and more people here in CO doing it (or is it just my imagination???). Nice white clean ankle socks I may add...

All repeats this week - what is going on? No Glee, Hell's Kitchen, probably no Gray's tonight - arrrgghhh! I gave up and went to bed at 8:30 last night...

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  1. We call it Baseball trumps TV !! Nippy weather ? Awesome, I'm out..