Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I realized this past weekend everyone was probably getting sick of my new recipes a.k.a. experiements i.e. what the hell is this shit? (btw, how do you know when to use a.k.a or i.e.? I'll just throw 'em around randomly). So instead I got our main meals from sam's club - yes, everything frozen. Did try a new store though, Sprouts - kinda like Trader Joe's but no alcohol (W.T.F.)... good deals and I liked the open air-i-ness feel of it.

When youngest daughter and I got back she helped me unload and we watched some PBS - Martin Yan I think it was, visiting China - rice paddies - she asked me where is the rice? I said, uhh in the paddy? I have no idea - is it like one "kernal" thing at the bottom that they pull out attached the green weed thing? I haven't googled it yet. How sad that I have no idea how most of our food grows. Does being a former beach girl give me a pass on being stupid? Before I moved to Colorado I never even visited a farm. The only farm I remember is at the orange county swap meet where there was animals and some food growing in the parking lot. lol. jhc. Oh, maybe some orange trees. That counts, kinda.

I need a book on how things grow. FOOD. The rest I got... ;)

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